Created through a partnership between Arts-Ed and the local community, this program is a distinctive blend of experiential education, guided tours, and immersive engagement with the religious community at the Streets of Harmony Seberang Jaya.

The program, spanning a comprehensive 5-hour experiential education journey, was designed with clear and significant objectives in mind. Firstly, it aimed to cultivate an appreciation for the cultural values embedded within the Streets of Harmony Seberang Jaya. Participants were actively involved in community activities, fostering genuine respect for the diverse cultural tapestry prevalent in the area.

Moreover, the program encouraged participants to delve into the multifaceted interpretations of ‘harmony’ witnessed within the Streets of Harmony. By immersing themselves in these diverse perspectives, individuals were empowered to develop and personalize their own understanding of this crucial concept, thus broadening their perspectives significantly. All 9 Houses of Worships at the Streets of Harmony were involved in various ways throughout the program.